Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are almost here! Please help us reach our school-wide goal of 100% participation! Parents/Guardians have the option to attend schedule & attend their conference either In-Person or Remotely on.

Facecoverings are required for In-Person Conferences. In-Person attendance is limited to Parents/Guardians only, do not bring children, etc. Appointment times are limited to 10 or 15 minutes depending on the teacher & we MUST stay on schedule for several reasons and appreciate your help!

Parents/Guardians will select available appointment times with their student(s) Homeroom Teacher through our website. You may also choose to make appointments with our PE, Music, Title I, and/or Special Ed Teachers.


  1. Click on the Teacher’s name.
  2. Then select your day from the available options
  3. Then select your time from the available options
  4. Finally, complete the requested information (Your name, email, phone, In-Person or Remote, etc.)
  5. Repeat for each child! Please be sure to select different times for each child!

If you will need days/times that are not listed, please contact the teacher(s) directly! Parents who prefer a ‘Remote Conference’ should complete the sign-up process AND contact the specific teacher via email to make those arrangements.

If you need help scheduling your appointment, please contact the office at 263-4364.

Thank you for helping make Fowler Elementary the best!